Sound Travels
Cooper Sound Waves

If you remember the early days of this genre we now call 'Smooth Jazz," you'll recall the variety of textures and rhythms
that we enjoyed on "New Adult Contemporary" radio.  Alongside the contemporary jazz of Bob James, David Sanborn,
and Larry Carlton were the New Age/World sounds of Patrick O'Hearn, Bruce Becvar, and, yes, Jessie Allen Cooper,
whose hypnotic sax work on SOFT WAVE, combined with exotic rhythms and the sounds of nature, intrigued and
inspired us. If you still long for that "holistic" sound in your Smooth Jazz mix today, you'll be delighted, as I am, to
discover SOUND TRAVELS, the latest release from Jessie. This is quintessential Sunday morning music. A fresh cup
of coffee, the Sunday paper, and good conversation all enhanced and elevated by the kind of music you'll hear in
abundance on SOUND TRAVELS. Don't get me wrongSOUND TRAVELS goes well any time you want to transport
yourselfvia musicto exotic destinations.  In Jessie's words, SOUND TRAVELS "breathes of dreams, exotic instruments
and sounds from around the World". From the soft, introspective "Song for You," and "Ballad for an Artist," to the
mesmerizing, rhythmic "Heavens Dance" and "Full Moon," enhanced by the signature sound of Steve Reid's brilliant
percussion. You'll definitely hear and feel Jessie Allen Cooper's love for music and his deep sensitivity for the
environment and all living things when you partake of SOUND TRAVELS. This album should be a welcome breath of
fresh air to your music library.  ~ Scott O'Brien