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9-11-01 Visioning Sound


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VISIONING ®  Jessie Allen Cooper and Dr. Lucia Capacchioine

Life as Art, Art as Life

2 Disc Set:

Lucia, Jessie, Marsha.

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Disc 1 Track Listing:

Heart's Desire
Focus Phrase
1. Personal Touch
2. In A Silent Place
3. Floating

Grab What Grabs U
4. Sassafras
5. Cool Man
6. Santa Monica Sunset
7. Mystical Illusion
8. Wheel in a Wheel

Sift & Sort
9. Song For You
10. Thought For A Friend
11. For Your Eyes
12. Saint Patrick
13. Heart Song
14. In My Heart

Disc 2 Track Listing:

Critic and
Brat Within
1. Bad Dream
2. Electric Feet

 Visioning® Collage
3. Sun Talk
4. Amazon
5. Boppin About
6. Let's Connect
7. Groovin' Out Back
8. Kickin It
9. Waltz For An Artist
10. Departure #1

 Creative Journaling
11. In The Light
12. Cosmic Eclipse
13. On The Golden Path
14. Inward Thoughts

Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., is an internationally acclaimed bestselling author of 13 books, pioneer in art therapy and creator of the Visioning® process of life and career fulfillment. Her methods are used in schools, corporations, recovery/health centers, counseling programs and life coaching.

Jessie Allen Cooper's sound track is designed for relaxing, inspiring and motivating. Play it while following the guidelines for fulfilling your heart's desires through the Visioning® process. From soothing music to relax the heart and mind, Cooper shifts moods into a lively beat for "grabbing what grabs you" in magazine images and words. The next series of sounds sets the tone for
opening the heart, making final selections, dealing effectively with the Inner Critic and completing a Vision board collage. The closing music creates a perfect atmosphere for follow-up journaling with both hands, one of the secrets to success with Dr. Capacchione's unique method. Following the guidelines in the book will be enhanced by Cooper's creative sound environment.
Visioning: Ten Step to Designing the Life of Your Dreams by Dr. Lucia Capacchione
is available anywhere books are sold and at
www. LuciaC.com

Dream it and do it!

"Sharing my music for Lucia's various programs has become a great source of fulfillment for me. I have known Lucia for many years and her commitment to the healing process is never-ending. An accolade must be given to Marsha Nelson who is her partner in the Creative Journal Expressive Arts program as well as The Visioning® program.

When I hear the stories of how this music has helped in the healing process of people, especially children and veterans, my heart goes out... then back again... over and over, thus creating an endless loop of healing to me and this community. I would like to thank Lucia and her hard working team for thier commitment to this work.

May we all feel the beauty and special gifts shared by being a part of a visualization that we create for ourselves in the service of others." Jessie Allen Cooper

For Composition and Performance:

Steve Bailey, Jessie Allen Cooper, Russ Freeman, Osamu Kitajima, Vail Johnson, Steve Katz, Rick Krizman, Jack Majdecki, Steve Milbacher, Tim Ponzek, Mark Portman, Steve Reid, Doug Ross, Dave Scheffler, Tony Selvage, Belinda Skinner, Mike Thompson and Larry Washington.

Carl Amberson, Carlos Arias, Jessie Allen Cooper, Mack Dougherty, Baba Elefante, Sandro Feliciano, Scott Fentress, Jimmy Hale, Ira Ingber, Tom Kemper, Blake Lewin, Jack Majdecki Steve Milbacher, Jamie Papish, Tim Ponzek, Mike Railo, Tony Selvage, Ricardo Silvera, Mike Smith and Larry Washington.

For Graphics and Electronic Layout:
Brian Stuart Hanish
Cover Art: Jennifer Star
Staff Photo: Mark Heliger

For Their Encouragement And Support:
A Very Heart felt Thanks To:
All My Family And Friends For Their Encouragement And Support

And Of Course, To
Lucia Capachionne...
You Helped Make This Dream Come True!

Created and released as an accompaniment to Dr. Lucia Capacchione's book,

For more information about her workshops, consultations
and Visioning® Coach Training, go to: www.LuciaC.com

You may contact Dr.Lucia Capacchione, @ Box 1355, Cambria, CA 93428

The author, composer and producers of this program are not dispensing medical or psycholgoical advice, services or treatment. The intent is to offer information of a general nature. If you use this information, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but we assume no responsibility for your actions.