Jessie Allen Cooper - Aurora

Aurora 1979 (musicians from left to right)

Christian Johnson / lead guitar, vocals
Mark Landcaster / keyboards, lead vocals
Denny Reynolds / bass guitar and vocals
Gregg Reynolds / trumpet, acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Jessie Allen Cooper / tenor and soprano saxophones, harmonica,
percussion, and background vocals
Gary Herman / drums

The Band Aurora

While going to Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington I met Denny Reynolds in a jazz improvisation combo. Our group was called Cheetah. Denny mentioned that his brother Gregg had just got off the road as featured singer with Up With People. Gregg, Denny and me put together the band Aurora. The band was a smoking hot show band with excellent vocals. We also wore costumes and each of us had featured songs during the show. We toured the Northwestern United States and Western Canada. We all supported ourselves by playing music full time. The band ended up having several incarnations the first incarnation had Jamie Pullar on lead guitar and vocals. After Jamie left the band Chris Johnson played guitar. I ended up playing and traveling with Aurora for two years before leaving the band and moving to LA.