Snowflake - Jessie Allen Cooper
"Happy holidays from Cooper Sound Waves."

Snowflake was originally recorded in the winter of 1986 as part of the Soft Wave album for Narada.
In 2005 this version was recorded at Krizman's Farm, with a small jazz combo featuring
Jessie Allen Cooper on soprano sax and the late Mack Dougherty on guitar,
Baba Elefante on bass guitar and Sandro Feliciano on drums. Rick Krizman played piano
and is my co-author on the song. In 2014 Mack Dougherty passed on, so to honor this jazz guitar pioneer
(North Texas, Berkley School of Music, Jaco Pastorious, Sinatra, Godspell.)
This version of Snowflake is dedicated to Mack.
Aside from playing amazing guitar Mack was an excellent storyteller,
his tales would leave the listener in tears from laughing so hard.

Jessie Allen Cooper: November 18, 2017 Everett Washington

Created by
Paradox Studio and Productions
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Brian S. Hanish producer

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